Gold and EXP


J!NX Gold can be used like a currency on During checkout, you may use your J!NX Gold to reduce the cost of your order.

Spend J!NX gold to get free stuff!

Earn J!NX Gold

J!NX Gold is awarded for puchasing products on Every order awards between 5% and 12% back as J!NX Gold.

earn J!NX Gold every time you make a purchase

Spend it on Stuff

100 Gold = $1 USD. Use your J!NX Gold to help pay for orders.

J!NX Gold Expires in 13mo

Don't Let it Expire

Your J!NX Gold expires 13 months after you earn it. Make sure you spend it!


J!NX EXP is just like experience in a video game. As you gain EXP, your level will increase and you will unlock special discounts, rewards, J!NX Gold, and more!.

earn J!NX EXP


Earn EXP for taking part in activities around the website, like posting pictures, taking trivia, and answering polls.

EXP Activities
Level Up! Level Up!

Level Up!

Special rewards, discounts, and J!NX Gold are unlocked when you earn certain levels of total EXP.

Level Rewards
J!NX Seasonal EXP

Unlock Season Rewards

Seasons run for several months at a time, and let you unlock exclusive rewards. Make sure you unlock your rewards before time runs out.

Current Season


Achievements are awarded for accomplishing various tasks throughout the website. These tasks vary from placing ten comments to subscribing to the newsletter to aceing a trivia quiz.

Earn Rewards

Unlock Rewards

Some special achievements award promotion codes that can be applied during checkout to earn free J!NX products! You can find your available rewards in the 'Achievements' tab on your profile page.

track your progress

Track Your Progress

You can view your unlocked Achievements at any time by logging into your account and going to your profile. The Achievement tab on your profile shows both unlocked and locked achievements.

Unknown achievements

Discover Hidden Achievements

Some elite-level achievements can only be earned by discovering things scattered throughout J! These achievements aren't listed anywhere until you've unlocked them, and usually have larger gold and exp rewards.

Level Up and Earn Rewards!

Level EXP Reward
1 500 New Title: Minion
8 950 1% more J!NX Gold and J!NX EXP for orders and referrals
10 1300 New Title: Acolyte
15 2500 New Title: Adventurer
16 2805 2% more J!NX Gold and J!NX EXP for orders and referrals
20 4325 New Title: Gladiator
25 7000 New Title: Champion
30 10555 New Title: Blademaster/Blademistress
35 15000 New Title: Conqueror
40 20655 New Title: Hero/Heroine
50 35360 New Title: Legend

Current Season:


// Ends: 1/1/2018

As the end of 2017 approaches, some have conspired to extend the year indefinitely; locking the world in a state of winter and shitty holiday music. Heroes, your skills are required. Defeat Cyborg Santa and his generals. Free the New Years Baby. End 2017 and usher in a new year. The Final Battle of the year begins NOW. We're counting on you.


Your Seasonal Exp:


The rules are simple: earn EXP and unlock rewards. The more EXP you earn, the bigger and better the rewards. The catch: the Season resets on 1/1/2018. If you don't unlock the FINAL BATTLE 2017 season rewards before 1/1/2018, too bad, you'll never have another opportunity! So get started!